Every church should have many different options for adults of all ages and backgrounds to get involved. Below are the many different ministry opportunities for all ranges of adults. No matter your age, you will find a home at Edgewood.

Our College and Career adults come in many different packages. College and seminary students, new high-school graduates, and even young men and women starting a brand new profession; all of these are present in our College and Career Ministry.

This area is a great place to plugged in, if your age falls between 19-25.

You can always find more information on our Grow Groups page.

Our young adults are always planning their next outing, and getting together with one another – many times without their kids!

At such a pivotal stage of life, we are very passionate about ministering to this age range.  Feel free to check out our various Grow Groups for information on our young adult core ministries, and how you can get plugged into it on your next visit.

You should consider joining this area of ministry, if your age range falls between 26-39.

We have a number of Middle-aged adult based Grow Groups. Each group is very diverse, and consists of parents with young children, up to their early twenties. Many attendees of this ministry area may even have young grandchildren as well. With such a diverse group, we have many different options for consideration.

Feel free to check out our various Grow Groups for information on each one, and how you can get plugged into one on your next visit!

This would be a suitable ministry area for those who fall in the age ranges of 40-64.

At Edgewood, we like to have lots of engagement from the diversified body of adults who worship with us every week.

Our adults have many gatherings throughout the year. These events are broad in scope, and vary from leisure activities, Bible studies, sporting events, and much more. Stop by our Welcome Center for more information on the many adult activities at Edgewood.

Just because we age into adulthood, does not mean we should sacrifice the energy and excitement we once possessed. Our adults are notoriously adventurous, doing everything form playing paintball to hosting board game nights.